touch is the key!

I'm a girl. So take it from me when I say touching is the key! But incconetly!
If you and her are walking side by side and she says some thing bad about herself (she will at one point or another cuz girls are werid like that!)than put ur hand around her waist and pull her in and tell her she is wrong. BUT MEAN IT! Do this a few times and than make her come closer. If she is interested eventually she will stay there.

If your in a movie whisper little comments to her in the being. Than stay quiet for a while. Than slide one of your hands on to her's, cup it and squeeze it a little. you can rub it a little, too. If you feel you guys are close (but be sure she is into you!) move your other hand on her arm and the other hand on to her leg. Move up and down but go too far up or down. Stay in between her knee and upper part of the hampstring. Nothing nautey, she will just get creeped out! Rub her leg and her hand. If she is wearing nail poish feel that.

At a down part of the moive (if you guys connected) near the end if you can tell whisper her name. when she turns to you gild her head to urs with her hand and kiss her.

Trust me a guy took me out last night and did this. It was amazing!!!! It leaves an impresstion. It all made me go haywire!!!