not an easy task getting over a guy

as much as people tell you, as soon as you and your boyfriend break up, you have to get over them, you have 2 face reality. getting over the guy you went out with for one month, 6 months or 3 years is going to be hard, and theres no use pretending it wont be. seeing him is going to hurt, hearing about him and other girls is going to absoloutly shatter you, but what can u do about it? cry your eyes out every night? tell him how much you love him? it doesnt work. you just have to fight your way through it as much as it hurts, set urself limits, he signs on msn, dont say you cant completely talk 2 him, coz we all no you will, but say, ok if he doesnt talk with in the next 20mins, i'll talk first, just slowly slip away from him!