love and more love in marriage

hello h* how are you this is me iam very depressed right now and really want to cry it is not because stupid misundrstandings and cheap extra marital affairs it is only because i feel very lonely without you and sometimes ifeel even if you are with me then again i behave in the same way and you will get angry iam getting very worried about you and me we dont each other any more that is the reason that we can be together but we are not together
maybeit has been 25 years and only anger there was love
somehow it is disaperaing and something else is appearing
that is real commitment well everybody is scared of
relationship so you have never told me why you wanted to divorce me well it is not possible that you dont love me but there must be some reason maybe you will tell me someday well iam trying my best that you are happy with me and remain that way ireally love you bye