Making an ex feel regret and jealousy

Be nice to all of his friends and have loads of fun with them. His mates will start prefering your company more to his. Arrange nights or days out and if your ex appears, just have a good time- and look as though you are even if you're not. Be purely your own character, as he will see how much the split has freed you. Always look your very best and flirt with his friends. If he brings his new girlfriend along, be really nice to her and have a laugh. It'll make him very nervous. Or simply be courteous and concentrate on having a good time with his mates, so they prefer your company to your exe's new gf. Your ex will realise what fun he's missing out on and what he cant have again with you- because you're too good for him! Dont pay much attention on him either. Only talk to him if you HAVE to. Always be civil and look happy. It'll plant seeds of regretin his mind.