How To Bond With Your Son

MY Dad is not always here for me , I Think He Loves Me but
sometimes he hates me .

How Can My Dad is not around , He loves my sister's but he hates his son , My Grandad says to me that My Dad Loves Me
because that is how he was brought up ,

Please Help Me If You give me a few tips for trying My Dad To Love Me , I Know HE Hates Me Beacuse I do not get on with him, I Love My Mum and My Family but I want a dad to love me

[RomanceClass: although this is not the place for *questions* I feel yours deserves an effort to answer. Your Dad is probably acting the same way his father acted toward him. And, if you are not very careful you will treat your son the same way. Here is a direct way to deal with him... it might not work. Do this: whenever you feel that he is being mean to him tell him "I love you Dad." This may be very, very difficult for you to say because of all the built up emotions. Another choice is to wait until he seems like he is in a good mood to say it to him. Keep telling him unless he freaks out.]