Combination Gentleman

Most of the tips given so far seem pretty good. Now if we, the guys, could incorporate all the good things into our persona, the mystery, care, manliness.. blah blah, our women would not, trust me, they would not let us go, at least not without a nice long fight. Who gives up something they love easily eh? So just keep in mind the every day courtesy we SHOULD be giving, ex. Opening doors, seating your lady first, LISTENING to what she has to say, even though sometimes those girlies don't make any sense. On the other hand, also show you have balls, if she's acting up ex. She gets mad when you have a lil drink, but SHE drinks with her friends as if it's all good...(haha I love this one). Well this happened to me and I said, " I'll stop when you stop, and I don't want to hear anymore of this, end of discussion." *In a kind of stern but gentle tone. The girlie might get mad for a lil bit cause you kinda scolded her, but at the same time she'll love how you took control and handled effectively, in a "manly way". Also, it shows that you know your limits with her and understand her, sometimes more than she understands herself. Kinda funny. Then later on you tease her about being a "nice little girl because she listens"... that's after she stops doing the forbidden and everythings ok, and also she has to be in a good mood at the moment, like you say something funny to get her laughing and then tell her.. " you know... you're a really sweet little girl".. She might pause.. look at you and ask why... now it's up to you to keep her guessing for the answer, which WILL be lots of fun. The point of calling her a little girl is not to belittle herin a mean way, but it's just making a lil fun while being serious at the same time... while brushing a finger against her cheeks and looking into her eyes..........................FOREVA!!!.. lol. j/k..not THAT long, just momentarily.. ..Ohh, and one more thing, when a woman is pms-ing, don't retaliate to her meanness, just laugh it off and try to stay sweet to her, if you can't handle her attitude just kinda ignore her, that's a lot better than getting upset when she calls you stupid and you get angry and call her a bitch, not nice at all. Ok I'm done, damn I talk a lot..hehe