Enlist Supportive Friends

This can be a tricky one. If your partner betrays you, it can be VERY easy to find lots of voices yelling out "Run away! You deserve better!" And maybe it's true. But if you DO leave it should be because YOU want to, not because hysterical friends drove you to do it. And you completely deserve being able to have the time and quiet support while you work on trust issues and make that decision *on your own*.

So while you are working on rebuilding your trust, enlist the help of friends who will truly support YOU in your feelings and who won't just try to bash your partner. Sure, your partner might deserve some bashing later on. But it is far more important that YOU get support right now. It is much, much harder to stay and work on things than to simply run away. And running away rarely solves any problems.

So stay and work on the issue, and find friends who will be helpful while you do. A friend that helps YOU do what you want to do is a friend indeed.