missing him!

me and my ex bf were together for 8 and a half months.but alot of time,evey week we had arguments.i played him with his brother!i am terribling!!i do fell bad.i never did any wrong only i did.his brother liked me before him,and even kissed me before him.our friends,we fight over!that's so dam stupid.i loved him alot never wanted to lose him.now we are apart foreight months and i feel bad for what i did.now when i am with my friends he only talks to them,hug them and leave me standing there like a tree!i don't give him wrong,it's his life.i miss him so much but he said it infront of me,my friend and his friend 'i don't like seeing this gurl'i felt he is right but then the other day i was with my friend and i saw him looking and smiling at me!THAT'S STRANGE!i alway make sure i see him in school,lesson and sometimes i try speaking to him but he ignores me.as it says what GOES AROUND COMES AROUND!and most likly ikind him looking,staring and smiling at me but when my friends talk about me with him,he alway says bad about me.do i still have a return hope???????