Talking About the Ex

Itīs quite normal to be curious about your partnerīs ex - after all, you are fond of your partner and what he *is*, so itīs intriguing to find out how he became what he is now.

If you two can talk about the ex as an important part of your partnerīs *past*, that is quite healthy. You shouldnīt have to pretend that nobody else ever existed in each othersī lives.

However, if your partner talks about his ex constantly, and especially if he compares you to her, then itīs time to address the situation. The main focus of you both should be your current relationship. This current relationship is unique, and has its own strengths and weaknesses. To compare it to any other relationship is asking for trouble. Itīs time to really accept that the other relationship is done with, and that this one in your hands should be focused on.