What to do if you really really love him

Hi, i have recently been dumped by the love of my life, we had been going out for a year and 2 weeks. he means everthing to me, I love him so much.

Now, heres where i help you. What ever you do, do not hide from the rest of the world and constently think about him, this can be destructive to your self

There is NOTHING wrong with you, he made a grave mistak "throwing what you had away" you are perfect, never forget that.

Even if you dont like it, try seeing someone new, this new person will help you releave pain, and you might want to be with him, if not this might make your ex jealous, and most guys want what they cant have. Right now im still madly in love with my ex and i wish i could be with him forever, but im seeing someone new and im trying very hard, this new guy is some one i really like, but i could never love, if you chose to do what i do, make sure you dont hurt him, be nice, flirt with him while your ex is around, make him jealous

Try talking to your ex, find a place where you two can be alone, try to corner him if he refuses to talk, but do NOT beg (Believe me this doesnt work, i've tried many times, begging is the worst thing to do)

Talk to him about happy times you two had together, bring up memories you know he enjoyed making with you. Talk about what his plans are for the weekend, and normal stuff too, be sure to thank him for his time, and just before you two depart from each other, say "This was fun, i miss just chating with you, it makes me happy to see you, see you soon (and under your breath just so he hears) I love you.

try to find out why he loved you before, and focus on being those things for awhile, if that doesnt work, maybe he was bored, so try doing the opposite, that should get his attention.

I know you obviously miss him and want him back badly, i know how you feel, i had to go to therapy cuz i wanted to die cuz i couldnt be with him, do NOT become destructive like me...oh ya, never hurt your ex in anyway, always agree with him, and treat him like one of youre best guy friends.

I hope i have at least helped someone, and i hope i helped myself...<3