A little teasing game

Alright, so this game drives my boyfriend crazy. While you,ve been intensely making out for a while, pull away just as he is getting really into it and giving you deep, passionate kisses. Then, pretend like you,re playfully mad at him and stop kissing him. This will make him want to kiss you even more. After a while, he might get tired of trying, so then you put your hand on his face, turn his face towards you and make it seem like you,re going in for a kiss, but then pull away as he starts to go in for a kiss. Or you go in for a kiss, and as soon as you get really close to his lips, stop and pull back. He will play around and act like he is mad, but you keep on teasing him with fake kisses and he,ll start to go crazy. After a while, when he loses all hope that you,ll actually kiss him, you pull in his face again and kiss him passionately and deeply. then, he,ll grab on to you tightly, so you wont be able to pull away again. keep switching it up between actually kissing him and teasing him. this will keep you occupied for hours.