The Quiet Book on Tape

Keep a few supplies on hand for this one -

* a few candles
* two or three favorite books on tape
* a bottle of wine or other favorite drink
* a snuggly blanket

Just about all of us remember being read to at night, or if we weren't, it's something we heard about and probably dreamed about as a child. Don't underestimate the power of those old memories, lingering in your brain.

Turn off all the lights in your living room, and light the candles. Pull the drapes and make it quiet and dark. Snuggle on the couch with the blanket and start the book on tape playing, while sipping your wine.

As much as you like to read, and as much as you like to watch TV and movies, there's something magical about just sitting back and having someone read a story to you. You relax, your eyes aren't bombarded with images. Your brain rolls along with the story, no hurry, just easy words.