break-up after break-up!!!

i have just been dumped by my 3yr bf on xmas eve over facebook well thats how i found out!

it all really started at the beging of the year in feb he split frm me because he didnt love me anymore he said but he done it at a pub where all of our friends was there not watching but in the pub n we was in my car so that happened i texted n texted him and called him alll the time for two weeks and he finally come around to my house and told me thats it over and he dnt want me back and i wasnt the only one crying "which i didnt get". so that 3rd week i didnt text him call him at all pick up all of my stuff frm his house and left it as that after a couple of days it started to get easier and i went out to one of our mates partys and he was there and we argued all night nearly n everyone went to bed and we was talking outside and he said after i left him alone for that week he was think about me all the time and he wanted me back and i wanted him back to so we got back together. But after a few weeks went by i found an empy condom and i was just like what the f*** so one night wen we was alone i asked him did he sleep with anyone "which je said to me wen we was brocken up that he wasnt texting or seeing anyone else" so he lied BIG time so at this point i didnt kno what to do so i just left it and we desided that i would try and get over it but it still hurts me now because he worked with her in sainburys. So i was trying my best after al i am the one who has to get over stuff like that and he didnt kno what the f*** i went tho seeing her watching him go to work and thinking are they still at it! and stuff like that. so i put it all behind me tried to but wen we was mad at each other thing would come out that i didnt want to say n some of the times i could not remember. so this xmas eve eve we had a raw because of one silly thing and then i get a fcebook status on his friends saying that thank god daryl is single or something like that!so thats my love story been in love twice both turned out to be pricks and first one cheated on me all the time second one didnt give a shxx if i was dead or alive he still did what he wanted beacuse he could i done everything for him everything DNT FALL IN LOVE WASTE OF TIME IF U ASK ME!!!!!!!!!!