Sexy Villian kiss(for guys)

when are alone with your gf, start to get a little hostile with her. gab her wrists and hold them behind her back. use a little of imagination and pretend your a villian who captured her. give her an evil look, make it look seductive and maybe throw in an evil laugh, taunt her to make it more intense. She,ll act scared which is when you make your next move. make lay down on her back and stay on top of her. pin her wrists down with both of your hands then move in and start kissing her. trust me she'll play along and will pretend to fight back. if she does, then start kissing and licking her neck, maybe a little nibbling as well to get to open her mouth. once you two are kissing then be as sexy as you can make it.
my bf does this to me alot and its a huge turn on for me and him