Hanging On

Many, many relationships get into the stage where neither partner is really happy with the relationship, but both hate the thought of being alone. It seems better to tolerate each other, even if youŽre miserable, because the alternative of being on your own is so scary.

Really think about this. Millions of people get by as single people - in fact, the act of living on your own, taking care of yourself, doing what you want to do, is a huge character builder. If youŽve never lived on your own, this might be a good time to do it for a while. You should NEVER be with or live with someone because you feel you have to.

While it may seem like youŽll never find anyone else, there are many fish in the sea. If you get out of this painful situation and have time to get yourself back on track, youŽll find that someone who truly deserves you, and who you can really be happy with, will be there waiting in your future.