U said u love me...so y u leave me?

I heard it in your voice... since you left. It didn,t matter what I said,I felt like I wasn,t talking to you. Inside you were already dead...You don,t love anymore Olivia I felt you,ve already moved on. You imagine your life with me being gone. You say that you still love me...but you turned around and walked away.love is not suppose to end or disappear, did you lie when you said you need me here? We have near for 3yrs 2months and 4 days and as I look around you are not here. I,ve lost my only true love... half of me left, my broken heart now beats without a purpose... you tell me that you love me but you just can,t be with me... you tell me to fight for you, Libby I,ve been fighting it seems like a fightless fight...please nomore games now, my Libby will you ever come back around?