What does a Guy Want?

There's no way to generalize about what "all guys want". Some guys want a gentle caring woman, who will soothe him when he's stressed and massage him when he's tense. Some guys want a strong, athletic woman, who will hike mountains and camp by streams. Some guys want a sophisticated woman who will enjoy fine restaurants and nights at the ballet. Some guys want a fiery, energetic woman who will cheer wildly at football games and drink beer with the guys.

However, all guys, like all human beings, want someone they will *enjoy* being with. They want to be respected for what they know, to be loved and cared for. Sure, they're not perfect. None of us are. And guys are brought up with all sorts of mixed messages about "be strong and silent" and "No wait, cry and be sensitive" and "Men don't cry" and so on. It can be very confusing for them to know WHAT they're supposed to be like. Let your guy be HIMSELF, and however he feels, that it's OK.