Be Happy With Yourself

I know this can be REALLY hard for most girls. You are bombarded with the media showing you that "girls should be stick-thin", "girls should have gigantic breasts", "girls should have flawless skin" and so on. Companies make billions of dollars by convincing every single woman that they are ugly unless they take drastic steps. And the sad part is that we believe these companies.

A guy wants to be with a woman that is HAPPY. If you go around thinking you're flawed and ugly and miserable, that is not appealing to any guy. But if you accept that you are what you are, and that you're rather content with that, your happiness will radiate out and be pretty obvious to those who meet you. They'll see you being happy - and want to share in it.

None of us are perfect. We are all human. So be happy with your unique human features, and show off your best trait. We all have something that we're proud of - or at least reasonably OK with. You're sure to meet a guy who is fond of that sort of trait, and who is drawn to your smile.