School crush.

for girls :
1.)If you,re seing you crush in the hall way and you want your crush to be your boyfriend, you need to snob them for a little time. so he,ll find your act cute. trust me, my boyfriend, he keeps telling me that when we first met, he find my sbobness cute. and he told me that guys love it.

2.)If your crush keeps sbobbing you, and you keep seeing him everyday, do some act like: Laughing or gigling with your friends, talking, playing so he,ll think that your fun being with.

3.)If you,re like praying to god that next day, your crush will ask you out. keep doing that, but not in desperate way.

for guys :
1.)If you love your crush so much and you keep seeing her in the hall way, ask her out! if she keeps snobbing you, just try to talk to her and stare her in the eyes like you fell inlove. girls find it romantic. :)

2.)If the girl you adore makes you skip a bit. Man! you better ask her out, or else maybe someone will get her heart.

3.) And you guys, when it,s valentines day, give her some stuff even she,s only your crush. Like: Flowers,Chocolates,Love letter and like the broken hearted necklace and keep the other part on you, so she,ll find you cute, kind, generous and caring. :)

That,s all.

For Girls: Keep Trying to be noticed. One day He,ll ask you. :)
For guys: All that tips above, it only means one thing: Ask Her Out!!!