Telling a friend you like them

Itīs very easy to develop a crush on a friend - this happens all the time! How do you tell your friend you want to be "more than friends" without ruining the friendship?

Take it slow. You can always backtrack from a subtle overture, but itīs hard to take it back if you get drunk and proclaim "Iīve always loved you!!" in the middle of a bar!

Start by just spending time with this person. Go to dinner. Then go somewhere a bit more romantic. Hug to say goodbye. Then kiss the personīs hand. Then kiss their cheek. If you move along slowly, you can get a sense if this person feels the same way.

If the person balks when you kiss on the cheek, no harm done. You can still be friends. If the person likes it though, you now can move forward knowing they also want to move forward. If you take it slow and watch for reactions, youīll know exactly where you stand!