He/She Won´t Move!

At some point, just about every long distance relationship gets to the point where the two want to live together, and someone has to move. Arguments can be bitter while each person claims that they have the right to stay where they are, while the other person "obviously" has less reason to stay and should move.

Talk through this when you both have a lot of time and energy to spend on it. Moving is a *huge* set of inconveniences, risks, and loss. The person who stays gets to retain their friends, family, house, environment, job, etc. The person who moves is making a huge sacrifice. If you both do not really agree on this, the person who moves will have this nagging at them, that they made a "concession" to the other person and that the other person now "owes" them.

Give it time. When you both truly cannot live without each other, you will work out something. Good things are worth waiting for, and worth working out a compromise that suits both of your needs.