My Partner is Addicted to the Internet

If you have this worry, youīre not alone. You and a million other people out there are dealing with this issue right now. Half the time itīs the male, the other half of the time itīs the female.

The internet is a super-easy escape to a "fantasy world". Youīre hooked up with hundreds of people who seem to really care, who never nag, who are always willing to listen to you whine, who will play games with you and chat all night long. For someone who is not happy with their current situation, this is a hugely intoxicating paradise world.

You need to sit down with your partner and really talk about this. Explain that by spending time on the internet so much, he/she is *not* spending time with you, and that you feel lonely and left out because of this. Talk to your partner about how he/she feels when on the net. Does your partner having fun, and feel happy? Talk about ways to have fun *together*, to get that same happiness with each other.

If your partner is turning elsewhere for those pleasures, itīs time to get those pleasures back into your joint life. Otherwise your love will keep drifting out and thinking of *others* as the ones to has fun with, and you the one to do chores with. Thatīs not healthy for any relationship.

Please look at my many other tips on bringing fun into your relationship! YOU need to be the place to have fun and enjoy life.