Get Interested in his Hobbies

Many hobbies that boys tend to have - like sports and motorcycles and cars - are hobbies that girls are actively told not to be interested in. Which is a great shame for girls, because these hobbies can be fascinating!

So learn more about the hobbies that your male friend has. Don't turn your nose up at them just because they are "guy things". ANY hobby has plenty of room in it for guys AND for girls. Find a way to be truly interested in those things he enjoys. If he's interested in racing cars and you just can't get excited about the races, learn more about the backgrounds of the drivers and the training they went through. Maybe learn more about the different kinds of cars and how they have changed styles over the years. There is bound to be SOME aspect of his hobby that interests you.

The more you become interested in his hobbies, the more he will enjoy having you a part of his world, and the closer you will become.