This is from a girl to all guys out there :
1. Girls LOVE it when you push them up against a wall, it makes them feel safe and that you can take the lead.
2. If you,re nervous about kissing a girl don,t be !! She will also be very nervous so if you take the lead on the kiss she will feel like you do have some sort of idea on what to do .
3. Almost every girl has weak spots on their neck so USE THIS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE !!! If you need to take a break from kissing for a second to catch your breath or swallow (no one wants a slobbery kiss) move down to her neck and gently suck on her neck.
4. DO NOT wipe your mouth even if you want to !! Wait until she can,t see you and then you can but don,t do it in front of the person you just kissed .
5.No one likes a partner who just stands there during the kiss , move your hands from her hips up her back and eventually to cup her face and then back down again but just make sure you don,t grope her either unless you already know she,s comfortable with it .

I hope this will help you somehow ') happy kissing !!!!