In the end you just have to let it be if you want them back

I was with my ex for 3 yrs. It wasnt the greatest but it wasnt that bad either. We just had some issues that we never worked on and let issues built on top of issues. I loved her with all my heart so i wanted to stick it trhough and make things work. She broke up with me due to issues she had and wanted to get her thoughts together. BUt we still lived together after the break up. I decided to give her space, and i did but she wanted to get back together but never really made it know. She sorta hinted around it ina mysterious way. I never knew this. But then she thought i didnt want to get back together so she started doing her thing. Know she met someone 12yrs older than her. shes 28 and she things shes happy all thought its not official. I am very heart broken because we never broke up but once and never had that 2nd chance. IT really hurt me. Now she says that she doesnt know if she wants to come back. Im worried that i may lose her forever. It scares that hell outta me but in the end there nothing that i can do but let her do what she wants. We dont speak at all. If you want her back then try not to bother her as much just reach out to her and see how shes doing. Never take your gf for granted, we can be selfish me. love her no matter what.