Only LOVE can 'MAKE' him want you back

The only way a man will want you back is if he really loves you and wants in his heart to be with you. Playing games, using schemes, none of it works unless he loves you. If he leaves you, its because thats what he wants. If he comes back, its because thats what he wants.

I am married but separated from the love of my life. I,ve tried everything to get him to come home to me. He says he knows I,m a good woman, I,m a great wife and mother to his children, a great provider, I,m beautiful, I,m sexy... He says it all... But the simple fact is that it has to be in his heart to come back. Until then all I can do is wait, tell him the truth about how I feel and what I,m thinking and pray that he realizes that with his wife is where he belongs.

I don,t want to make anyone lose hope, but if you,re dealing with boys, the little tricks might work. If you,re dealing with men, the decision is all up to him, no matter what you do, no matter how you feel.

Good luck to all of you that really truly love your husband/boyfriend/signifcant other. I hope he comes back and I hope he loves you back.