The break-up guilt

Breaking up with someone is always painful. Hopefully you have been talking up until now and realize that something is not right in the relationship. If you have never given your partner a clue that you are unhappy, this should sound warning bells. The exact same thing could happen in the next relationship. Be sure to talk about things that make you unhappy BEFORE you get to the break-up stage.

However, let´s assume you´ve talked about things, but they just won´t fix, and you just aren´t meant for each other. You will still feel guilty if you´re the one who throws in the towel and says the relationship won´t work. After all, you´ve both opened your hearts to each other, tried to make things work, tried to be there for each other, and now you´re saying you don´t want to try any more.

Realize that most relationships end in breakup - it takes a few tries before you manage to find the right partner. This is a normal thing. You gave it your best shot, and you simply weren´t meant for each other. If you are honest and thoughtful in your breakup, then you have done both of you a favor. You are now free to find someone better suited for you, and your partner is now free to find someone new that is a perfect match.