The stressed-out argument breakup

What do you do if youīre feeling stressed out, get into an argument and angrily yell out "Iīm breaking up with you!" Or what if your mate does this to you?

Everyone has their stressed out moments, and itīs very tempting during a fight to just give up and call it quits. Itīs the ultimate statement of "I win, because I wonīt be around you any more to hear your side." Once itīs out though, it seems pretty final.

Give yourselves both time to cool down. You donīt have to stand by it just because you said it - everyone says things in arguments that they did not mean. Sit down with your partner a few hours later, and go over the situation. If you really do want to break up, itīs better to do it in a calm, reasonable way, where you both get to talk to each other. If you break up during a big fight, neither one of you will get good closure on the relationship, and it will be hard to move on.

See the tips on arguments on how to prevent an argument from getting to that stage.