Setting the Scene

A breakup is usually not a pleasant affair. Donīt have the "goodbye" talk in the middle of a restaurant, or at a friendīs house. Find a quiet place where you both feel relatively comfortable, and spend time to talk about it. Donīt just say "Iīve decided I donīt like you any more - goodbye" and run out the door.

Spend some time finding closure - admitting that you just donīt care for the other person, and that itīs best for you both to move on and find someone that can truly compliment you. After all, your ex wonīt want to be with someone who doesnīt love him or her, so this is a good thing for you both.

It wonīt be easy, and will probably be sad and anger-filled for you both. However, having this good closure will make the healing process much, much easier.