My partner won´t fight!

While on one hand it´s nice to have a partner that doesn´t pick fights all the time, it can be equally frustrating if every time you start to have a disagreement he runs and hides. Many times the partner doesn´t even realize he´s doing this, because it´s such a part of his nature. He may start acting silly or even physically try to hide in order to stop the disagreement from occurring.

Realize that your partner is somehow missing the basic skills of working through a disagreement, and this is his defense. Talk about this - that disagreements are normal, and that they are necessary for two people to find a compromise in how to do something. It is never good for one or the other person to always "win" because the other person is afraid or unable to speak up for himself. Hopefully your partner, with time, will be able to start speaking up for himself and ´holding his own´ when you find yourselves with different opinions.