Best first kiss ever!!!

Okay well this tip is what guys should do to there girl. When you guys are somewhere sitting right next to each other (like a movie theater) put your arm around her shoulders or waist. If she doesn,t do anything, then don,t continue. If she turns and looks at you (like nicely, not like why did you just do that) then close your eyes, and lean in. Make sure your lips are partly parted, not closed like your kissing your mom. Put your lips around hers and start out like your lips are circles and then close that circle and open it and then close it again. Do that a couple of times, and if she,s okay with how far it,s gone so far, lightly put your tongue in her mouth. Don,t force it in there. Make sure that you don,t have your first kiss until you have been going out out for at least one week, just to make sure you really like this person. You may think this as weird, but you girl will love it. Trust me, I am a girl.