Celebrating Holidays

On major source of disagreement in mixed religion and race relationships is how holidays are spent. Both people have traditions in their lives, and they dreamed growing up that when they were adults they would share these traditions with their own family. Choosing to have a tree or menorah, or decorate eggs, is not a simple decision over one object. It is the cherishing or shattering of dreams created over a lifetime.

Do not dismiss some of these arguments as being meaningless. They can have great meaning to a person. Find a way to compromise, and figure out exactly what part of a tradition means a lot to a person. If a Christian has always loved the victorian ideals of a decorated tree with loving family gathered around, perhaps create a Holiday Tree that has hand-made ornaments on it - a sign of the family´s love for each other, and not a sign of anything religious.

There´s nothing wrong with having items and events from multiple religions. The aim of them all is to promote love and sharing, kindness and giving - aims that are important to any religion. There´s also nothing wrong with making your own, new traditions by merging together different traditions.

Traditions have all changed over the years, and what was done 200 years ago to celebrate the exact same holidays differs greatly from what we do today. What we do now will not be at all like what they do in 200 years. Find what works well for you, and cherish it as your own, new, special version of tradition.