Telling the Family

While some families are open and accepting of people of all shapes and sizes, there are definitely families out there that have strict ideas about what the "right person" for their family members look like. Sad as this may seem, your soulmate may be perfect for you, but your family might look down on them because of something silly like outward appearance.

Accept that your family is doing this because they feel they want the best for you, and be honest and clear. Explain that you love this person, you accept they are a different race/religion, you acknowledge this will be difficult and that you are willing to work though this. Say that you would like your family´s support in this. For you to tell your family you understand their concerns, perhaps share a few of the concerns, and would like a shoulder is a way to both say "I hear you" and "I need you".

Give your family time to come to terms with what this means, but do not give in if they insist this person is not right for you merely based on race or religion. You are the one who needs to live your own life, and your choice of a mate should be your own.