Hes late getting home ... again

If your partner is always late, and you find yourself being jealous, sit down and think about why this is. Are you worried that your mate is off with someone else instead of you? Are you upset that you are home by yourself instead of spending this time in a quality way?

If you are worried about your mate leaving you, realize that this is your own insecurity, that you feel you are not good enough for him to want to be with. Work on ways of building up your self esteem. Youll find that the jealous feelings will fade when you feel great about yourself.

If youre more annoyed that you are twiddling your thumbs waiting for him, talk with him about this. Agree with him that you are important part of his life, and deserve to know when he will be at home, so you can plan your own life. Serve dinners later so you can eat with him, or have friends over so you dont have to eat alone. If hes out late, rent a movie or find a friend to go dancing with. There is no reason for you to ever be "sitting around waiting" for someone else - you have your own life and health to consider!

Keep in mind, though, that the more time you spend apart, the more you will naturally drift apart. Make sure he knows that his constant time away is not good for the relationship, and try to find ways to minimize this time.