Basics of Statistics on Cheating

Obviously cheating is about being dishonest. And equally as obviously, if you ASK someone if they have been dishonest and they ARE dishonest, they are likely to lie. This is especially true if they are being surveyed on the phone if other people are listening in, or writing this own on a piece of paper with their name on it.

It is therefore nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find out for sure "exactly how many people cheat". If you were "dating" when you were 13 with your next door neighbor, and then kissed another girl playing spin-the-bottle, was that cheating? Are you now marked for life, when when you are 40 and true to your wife of 20 years, as "someone who cheated"?

The only thing that can be said for sure is that some people DO cheat on their partners, just as some people cheat on their taxes and some people cheated in school. Men are generally twice as likely as women are to cheat. Other than that, there is little that you CAN say for sure. The reasons for cheating are very diverse. The results of the cheating are equally diverse. The only thing that matters is how YOU and YOUR PARTNER handle YOUR particular situation.