Working Late Hours

This is the old cliche, of the husband or wife working lots of late hours at the office. Many movies revolve around this. Of course, in our current days of layoffs and incredibly stressful lives most of us are working late hours anyway!

The point is to always talk to your partner about what he/she is doing at work so you can sense when something seems unusual. See if your partner is working late a lot even though there are no extra projects going on. Get to know some of his co-workers so when you chat with them, you get either corroboration that there really is a big project, or confusion when you mention the workload.

Stop by with a fresh dinner from Boston Market or a bottle of wine for your sweetie, and see if there really is work going on. Hang out at the office with your partner, doing whatever might be helpful or just reading and keeping him/her company. If nothing else, being there will show your partner you support the work efforts, and reassure you that this isn't fun and games but stressful effort that is going on.