the only way to know, is to ask.

i think there comes a time after the end of every relationship when you will want your ex back. I think its a normal reaction, i mean, you,re used to have this person in your life, you know everything about one another, you have your habits together and so on. So obviously at one point you miss them, no matter how bad the relationship ended.

But the question is, do you want this person back because you,re used to him or her or do you want this person back because you truly love her or him. It can be hard to differentiate the two but thats really what you need to do in order to know what to do next.

If you only want him/her out of habit , get over yourself. There are plenty of others. You,ll find someone, everyone does.

If you realize that you are still in love, and you want to know if there is any chance the other person wants or will want to get back with you, JUST ASK.

Tell them how you feel, admit what you did wrong and you,ll get an answer. Put yourself out there, be vulnerable. If you really love this guy or girl, you,ll be willing to this. So do it. If the response is positive, you,ll be happy straight away. If the response is negative, then you,ll know and you can move on with your life.

I know this is easier said then done. But its worth it. Because we spend way to much time analysing and contemplating what we should say, what we should do... Just go. Do it. Either you,ll be happy either you,ll move on.