Conflict Resolution

* Always allow your mate a chance to openly, freely, and in a nonjudgmental forum state his/her opinions and feelings.
* Donīt push aside that personīs reactions, belittle them or take them for more than they are.
* Tell how you feel and ask how your partner feels
* Try to calmly listen before responding in any way.
* Be careful not to attack character when you are really upset with a particular action.
* Donīt say what you really donīt mean. This is where taking a few seconds to think and breath before talking comes in. Say to yourself, "Is that really how I feel and is that related to this situation?"
* If one or both feel too angry to constructively come to terms with the situation, agree to take a short period of time to individually calm down, but promise to sit down and talk at a later time.
* Let your partner know you love him/her despite your feelings about the problem, and are there to get beyond your differences. A little compassion can go a long way, and it can benefit both sides.