You were just sooo amazing 2 me!!!

I have just broke up wiv my ex-boyfriend 2 weeks ago after goin out 4 a year n 2 months n in the past month i have had a lot of problems i got pregnant,got a stomach infection n then we broke up! He jus sed 2 me that he doesnt wana b in a relationship nemre,which i was gutted i didnt kno wat 2 do i cant stop thinkin bout him n i love him so much.he still wants 2 c me n do stuff 2getha as friends but it is just 2 hard 4 me and hurts mre n mre everyday!i just want him back as i hadnt done anyfin 2 deserve it! i will always love him millions n always remember the good times we had 2getha but i will always have faith n hope 2 get back 2gether i will never give up on him no matter where he is or hu hes wiv.He was an insperation 2 me and i will never 4get him. i will always have a place in my heart 4 him! I LOVE YOU CARL!!!!

Tip: If u love sum1 never give up on them u never kno what the future brings!