Breaking up with him without hurting him

This afternoon i am going to break up with my boyfriend. We've only been going out for a month and a half but I just feel liek it's not working. We have been friends for ages and all that sort of went away from the moment he asked me out.
When I tell him this I know i am going to feel guilty because i have a feeling he likes me quite a bit and that he isnt expecting it. I was thinking of waiting a little but then I realised that there was no point. If you really believe its nnot going well and its not going to improve then just get it over and done with.
This afternoon im simply going to tell him the truth: face to face. As I see him every day at work I feel a text or note would just make it seriously awkward. Im going express that I just liked it best when we were friends which i know may sound so typical but in this case it really is the truth. I just hope that when it is done, he wont look at me like ive wounded him too badly. I hate causing pain, especially to people i do care for.

If you are thinking of doing the same thing, try and imagine the scene. Don't reherse too much but I think it helps to imagine how he will react and ways you could make him feel better without sounding too smug or cliched (for example: you deserve some1 SO MUCH better).
Good luck to anyone, rght now im quite nervous but I think I will feel a lot better when it is done. Hopefully tonight I can feel not only guilt but a lot of relief pass over me.