To all the women out there. Let it slide!

The number one thing a man wants is communication and equality. This means RESPECT.

So in other words to all the women out there. Dont nag them. I know women are very good at seeing every little missed detail or picking up on hidden emotions but you dont have to do anything with it.

Just because youve noticed something about him doesnt mean you have to bring it up and by the way you nagging us makes us feel inferior.

Not surprisingly the women who do the nagging the most think they are superior. (What happened to the equality you women are always speaking about?) "If i didnt say it nothing would get done." "You'd be lost without me."

Who said we'd be lost without you?
We survived the decades before we met you and we could survive without your constant nagging. So get over you inferiority complexes and STOP NAGGING US ABOUT EVERY LIVING THING. NOTHING HAS A BETTER CHANCE OF RUINING YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH US THAN NAGGING.

Oh and by the way, if you nag us to death we will just stop talking to you. "Honey, how come we dont talk anymore?" Maybe its because every time we say one word you say a hundred. Frankly were either sick or afraid to say anything any more.

Nagging just shows that you are stubborn, arragant and hard to talk to about important matters.

It DOESN'T make you look helpful, mindful, caring, smart or respectful. So just like men have to stop their jealousy, you women out there have to stop your nagging.

When you do, you will find your man will open up in many ways.