Needing Space because of Boredom

A partner might say they need space because they're feeling bored. If this is the case they should just SAY they are bored, so that you can actually fix the problem.

First, all relationships settle down over time. It's normal! You can't be married for 30 years and have the same hot-heavy hormones every single hour that you had when you first dated. It would burn you out. You settle into a mature, friendly love that can last the years. This is normal and good.

That being said, you are still a human being and want the mental intrigue of learning and growing. You don't ever want to stagnate. Couples that stay together do it by always growing and learning together. They go out on bike rides. They take fun crafting classes together. They learn how to ski together. Those shared experiences and knowledge keep them having fun together.

If you guys have settled into a mature love, that is fine. But if you have *stagnated* that is not fine. Rent some interesting movies in a genre you've never watched. Go out to local museums and talk about the exhibits. Go to the zoo and talk about what it'd be like to adopt the strangest animals. Try a new restaurant each week. Take up a new sport together even if you're not very good at it. The point is that you're doing new things together and having fun talk about them.