Try this one on for size

N and I dated for only five months. But we grew to love each other deeply. His brother got into some trouble and the whole family had to move. We broke up so the distance wouldn't hurt us more. Over the past five years he and I have kept in contact, he'll move back, usually into my bed, and then just up and leave. The whole time telling me he loves me like the grass loves the rain, the next minute only as his best friend, and sometimes not at all. A couple of months ago a female friend of his got him put in jail. He calls my house. The only thing he says to me is to ask me to go find her and have her visit him in jail. I accepted his collect call (if you don't know, most places charge like $5 or more per min), he never asked me to visit. And when he got out he comes over, telling me he loves me and asking me to go to his "getting out of jail party" because there won't be any of his friends there. I asked him about the other girl and he said she would be there but she is too blonde to hold an intelligent conversation. Go figure. So, tell me. What would you do?