I miss him

I was with my ex for a year and a half and we have been broken up for a month now. I miss him like hell. I want to grab him and never let go. Its hard for me to see him in school. We make eye contact and all I do is turn away. He was my first love and i feel like I put more into this relashionship more then he did. I mean after we broke up for 2 weeks he was talking to me on the phone crying and telling me how much he still loved me but we would get back together down the road. Then he meets this other girl and he starts to like her but she doesn't like him in that way. He also would talk about me in class to my friends and say how much he hated me and how he didn't want to ever talk to me again or even have anything to do with me. I just want to know is that ever going to change. Why is he being like this. He dumped me. I was supposed to be his baby and everything in the end gets slapped in my face. I opend my arms up to him and gave him all the love that I had. The way he is acting makes me feel like he never loved me as much as I thought he did. Maybe he is hurting inside too and can't handle in any other way but then to bash me and say things that are hurt full. I text him once in awhile but no responce. I just am so hurt. I miss him.