Be Open - Don't the let the mind trick you

Often a spouse will try to trick your mind into thinking that your suspicion is just you, that your're the crazy one but the facts will be present you just have to know where to look. Don't let your mind trick you out of believing your findings and making excuses. Then don't let your spouse try to trick you because they will definitely try. The underlying truth is, some cheaters deep down wish they are caught and will drop all kind of clues to you. I'm a guy that uncovered the fact that my wife was also sneaking someone in our home for sex after the kids were asleep and I was still at work. It took some detective work but she evenually slipped up leaving some vital clues. Needless to say, she denied, denied and still denies but that is what many cheaters do to make you have cloud of doubt. I am definetly hurt that she would do such things in our home and really blew away. life is crazy sometimes. I gave this woman everything basically. Now I'm glad I didn't do some of the things that I wanted to do because I would feel real stupid now.