1 Big way to get Ex Back

After you've broken up, and you've decided you can't fix it with words, favours, or apologies, I see one thing for you to do. BE THE CENTER OF ATTENTION. This means..

- Be the biggest flirt

- Flirt with her/him but 10x more with anyone else.

- Give quick & brief replys to her/his questions, or when she/he sparks conversation.

- Accidentaly... ignore her/him.

- Quietly make friends with her/his friends.. but with others too, so it's not overally abvious.

- Always have something going for yourself, perhaps you share good food with friends, hold a party, be the first to talk about a "big event" on the news.

- Be confident! You want to come off.. like you've never been better.

- Perhaps accidentaly start a light rumour that you like someone other then her/him.

Be the nicest, most outgoing, best dressed, coolest, smartest, guy/girl you can be and stay confident.

The goal is to appear you have moved on.

While secretly you want her/him back bad.

People want what they can't have. So give her/him a reason to hang on, but seem hard to get at the same time.