Help with guy who doesn't trust

What ever you do don't play with a guy's heart. Put him to the test every now and again to see if he loves you but don't make him totally break down and get upset. That will make him trust you less and the next time you ask to do somehting without him he will react the same. So what im saying is if you question how much he loves you. Make him show that he does by tryin to make him upset. Tears are a little to much but if that what it takes then go for it but what ever you do when you do this it will hurt him and make sure you tell him as soon as possible that you are sorry and that you will never do it again. Don't take this risk if your happy and he seems happy. Just make him happy and his heart will follow and he will trust you. My ex-girlfriend always wanted to be away from me and i lost trust in her and she never seemed to try and gain it back and she just seemed to give up and she broke up with me after just about 8 months.