Split up and shes found a new man?

I was with my girlfriend for just over a year before we had a mutual agreement and split up. After 4 months we were still speaking, having sex, and doing things we would of done normally! Anyway, 2 weeks later i hear she got with a guy that is close to me, and it really did hurt. For the next 2 months i was asking to meet up which we did and when i was with her the love was still there, and i wanted her back! However she did not feel the same way. She said she needed some time apart until she had her life sorted, meanwhile still meeting up with my friend.

It Hurts i know, but the best thing to do, is try not to be alone to much, Go out with your friends, or even another girl! Think in your head of things that put you off about her "Ever heard her go to the toilet? Ever smelt it?" WEll i did and it was a major turn off, so I keep running it through my head and when i see her all i think is eww. I know its immature to let a thing like this put you off, but there are loads of other "put offs" to think about.

Try it.

Your not alone.