each day gets a little harder

i want my ex-bf back so bad. i thought i was in love with someone else, but i was wrong. he was a back-stabbing jerk, and i now realize that there's no one better than who i had. i see him flirt with other girls, and i think to myself that it's hopeless. but then before you know it, he is flirting with me. it's so confusing, and i just wanna go up to him and tell him that each day gets a little harder without him. i would promise never to let things get as bad as they got before. i learned my lesson, and i'm so in love. if you feel the same way i do, i'm sorry i don't have a tip for you. just know that you're not the only one in the world. we all go throught it, unfortunately. i know: life isn't fair. as soon as i get it figured out, i'll let ya know.