getting over it

step 1.) cry it out so hard just cry cry cry! listen to music while you doing it sob and scream if you need to
step 2.)write about it write all your feelings down in your diary
step 3.)talk about it. pick one person you know you can trust and pur your heart out. Dont go telling everyone you know pick a close friend or family member ask for advise
step 4.)have time to your self to think,write,or even cry think about bad things your ex did but dont hate them for breaking up with them
step 5.) avoid them for a while so you can spend it with poeple you can talk about but dont be the group downer try not to talk about them as much or even think about them
step 6.) you can gradually start talking to you ex again if you can be friends and JUST FRIENDS!!!!!!!!
step 7.) move on start liking other people and move on but dont rebound!!!!!!!!
Take care of yourself!